What To Expect From A Floor Coating Installation

After you’ve made the wise decision to breathe new life into your concrete with a coating comes the hard part of actually installing it. Luckily for you, a concrete coating installation process is not both fast and effective; you will find that you won’t have to put your life on hold. In fact, after it’s completed in only 6 hours, you can walk on it, and after 24 hours you can park your car or resume your life as normal. Of course, that’s not the only think you can expect from this process.

The First Steps

What makes a concrete coating a good choice is the fact that you don’t have to rip out existing concrete. Instead, it can be prepped and repaired in order to ensure a beautiful finish on your floor. This is done through a process called shot blasting. It helps to remove loose concrete particles and makes the surface ready to be coated. Of course, most concrete isn’t perfect and pits, spalling, and cracks will be repaired. 

After the concrete has been repaired, your coating will have the best adhesion possible and significantly improve the look of the floor. This is something that you simply won’t be able to achieve if you attempted to do this on your own. Having professionals come in and use superior equipment, materials, and skill allows you to be confident that the finished product is going to be fantastic. 

The Final Steps

Not only will your floor receive the absolute best preparation for the coating process, which is usually about four more steps, but you won’t find yourself inconvenienced for days on end. After the floor has been prepped, the next part of the process is a base coat, followed by broadcasting the color flake. The color flake will give your floor that awesome texture look, and give it a really high end feel, without breaking the bank. Whether you want a pop of color, or a more specific look like natural stone, this is a really important step in the process. 

Finally, the flakes are scraped in order to provide a beautiful smooth surface. You wouldn’t want any flakes sticking up vertically and providing little rough edges on your new floor, so the scraping is an essential step in the overall process. Once that is done, you are in the home stretch with a final clear coating. After that’s been applied you have to wait 6 hours until you can walk on your new floor and after 24 hours you can drive on it again.

The Impact On You

What makes the floor coating installation so wonderful is that you are going to get fantastic results without taking up a ton of your time and energy. No one wants to not be able to access their garage or any other area with concrete flooring for days on end waiting for a product to dry. That’s what makes a floor coating installation process ideal: it’s fast and the results are stunning. You don’t have to stop living your life, or be inconvenienced when you decide to invest in a floor coating. The process is straightforward and has incredible results. You will breathe new life into your new coated concrete while also providing additional durability.

Lastly, the most important part of a floor coating and the entire installation process is using experienced individuals. This will help to ensure that your floor is taken care of properly and that your end result is exactly what you’ve been wanting. So what should you expect of a floor coating installation? The answer is a thorough yet fast and overall effective transformation from drab to fab. To learn more about what we do, please contact us.

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