Upgrade Your Office’s Industrial Look with a Floor Coating

Industrial office design has been popular for the last few years, and the style is cementing itself at the top of the list for go-to office redesigns. Industrial minimalism comes complete with raw wood, visible air ducts, and bare flooring. But it can be hard to find the line between too chic and grunge, especially if you’re trying to appeal to a wide market of companies. One of the easiest ways to improve any office or general commercial space is with a new floor coating.

Bare concrete brings a lot of negatives to the table, both for the owners or property managers and the potential tenants. For owners and property managers, bare concrete means:

  • Surface-level damage and frequent cleanings. Even if your property is being used as an office, it’s still vulnerable to a lot of wear and stains. 
  • The risk of injury. Bare concrete can be slick, especially around the doorway when there’s inclement weather. Both the tenant and the property owner may be held liable for any injuries employees and visitors get from slips, trips, and falls.
  • Degrading edges and surfaces. Concrete can crumble when it’s not protected. The edges may start to break apart, especially near doorways where there’s a lot of foot traffic and variation in moisture. Even the surface can wear down from heavy furniture and a lot of movement.

Strike the middle ground by keeping your concrete stylish and protected with a floor coating. This can be as simple as a clear coat that lets visitors and tenants enjoy the aesthetic without leaving the floor vulnerable to damage. It can also a tint that enhances the property with colors, gradients, and patterns. You can also select opaque coatings with distinct patterns, shades, flakes, and textures.

Here’s why any of those options is a great choice for your property:

Improve the Property for a Wider Variety of Tenants

Selecting blue, gray, or brown acid washes and coatings keeps your property open for a wide variety of uses. Every tenant from office owners to restaurant owners like muted flooring that adds style while letting their own branding shine. This flooring can also help attract tenants who don’t want the liability of carpet and tenants who need something cozier than bare concrete.

Improve the Industrial Design with High-Quality Flooring

Like with any property style, prospective tenants can immediately spot a difference in quality. Industrial design shines when the minimal surfaces are made of sturdy, good materials that are built to last and deter damage. Investing in a concrete floor coating indicates that you’re not just opting for industrial design because the old flooring was damaged.

Reduce Maintenance Demands

During tenant turnover, you or your property management team do a lot of work to fix up the property for showings and new tenants. But if you have to spend that valuable slot of time fixing or replacing the flooring, it’s hard to get other projects done. Floor coatings just need to be mopped clean. Even if the previous tenants were particularly hard on the floor, it shouldn’t need more than a fresh sealant every couple of years.

It’s also important to reduce maintenance projects during a tenant’s contract. That can interrupt their business whether they’re a customer-facing business or not. Frequent interruptions for repairs can also cast your property in a bad light. With a high-quality floor coating, your team doesn’t have to go in to make spot repairs, replace carpet squares, or steam clean the floor.

Browse our selection of colors, finishes, and coating styles at PolyTek Surface Coatings. Then schedule an appointment to get your building’s floor prepped and coated for your next tenants.

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