The Benefits of Choosing a Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

If your concrete garage floor is showing its age, and the sight of cracks, stains, and other damage has become hard for you to look at, then it may be time to consider giving your garage floor a makeover with a polyurea coating. While epoxy has been one of the standards for garage floor coatings in recent years, polyurea coatings are growing in popularity as a more innovative and long-lasting solution for garage floors as well as a wide range of other residential and commercial applications. If you are looking to transform the look of your garage floor, here are just a few of the reasons you should consider choosing a polyurea garage floor coating.

Polyurea is Fast-Curing

One of the primary reasons polyurea coatings have become so popular in residential and commercial applications is that it cures extremely fast. Traditional epoxy garage floor coatings take around 5 days to harden completely, which means that even after the coating is installed you will not be able to access or park in your garage for almost a week, which can be a major nuisance. Alternatively, polyurea coatings harden and cure within a day, allowing you to fully use, and show off, your redone garage with minimal waiting. In fact, polyurea coatings cure so quickly that they rarely bubble, leaving you with a sleek, clean-looking garage floor.    

It is Extremely Durable

While all garage floor coatings are known for their strength and ability to protect the concrete flooring beneath them, polyurea coatings are particularly durable and long-lasting. Polyurea coatings are extremely durable and can withstand a variety of hard impacts without cracking, meaning that they can withstand anything that may fall in your garage. They are also non-porous and extremely resistant to water and even harsh chemicals, which means that you will not have to worry about oil stains on your new floors if you have an older car. Polyurea’s strength and durability are making it the new standard in many commercial and industrial facilities, meaning it will easily be able to protect your garage for many years to come.  

They Are Easy to Maintain

Not only are polyurea coating extremely durable, but they also require very little maintenance to keep them looking like new. In fact, many would say they do not require any maintenance at all! Unlike some garage floor coatings, polyurea floors do not need to be recoated, and their extreme durability makes it unlikely that they will ever crack and need repairs. Additionally, its non-porous nature makes clean up of spills and messes a breeze, as you merely have to wipe up the mess without having to worry about your floor staining.  

Make Your Garage Safer  

Polyurea floor coatings are also popular due to their slip-resistant nature, which can make garages safer to navigate when they are wet. Polyurea floor coatings can be made with vinyl chips in them. These chips help to add additional texture to your garage floor, giving you extra traction regardless of conditions, which can help to reduce slips and falls. These chips also have the added benefit of giving polyurea garage floors a unique, almost granite-like, look that will help to transform your floors and make your garage look like a showroom for your cars.

Adding a polyurea coating to your garage floor is a great way to transform the look of your garage while extending the life of your concrete flooring. However, each garage floor coating provides different benefits, and deciding which one is right for you will depend on your unique circumstances. Contact us to learn more about garage floor coatings as well as for help choosing the right coating for your garage.

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