How Durable is Epoxy Garage Flooring?

Reflooring your garage is something that must happen from time to time. Most garages start with poured concrete which will crack, chip, and crumble over time. Leaving you to start researching different ways to repair, restore, and refloor your garage. Whether you are renovating your home garage or updating your business flooring, no doubt you have come across epoxy garage floor coating as an option.

Epoxy is made up of several thick layers of resin which is a type of highly durable and impact-resistant plastic. First the bottom layer of resin fills in cracks in the concrete and seals the crumbling surface. This creates the smooth floor surface onto which additional layers of resin are added for durability, flexibility, and impact resistance. The final layer is the top-coat shine for a reinforced photo-worthy finish.

But just how durable are epoxy floors? Sure, we could wax poetic about resins all day, but are they scratch resistant? Do they hold weight? How long until you’ll be reinstalling your garage floor? We’ll help answer all these questions today.

How Long Will My Epoxy Garage Floor Last?

An epoxy garage floor installed by professionals using a high-quality industrial layering system can last up to 30 years of light use and up to 10 years of heavy use.

  • Light Use – 30 Years
    • A residential garage home to bicycles, boxes, a home workshop, and a commuter car or two that comes and goes every day. 
  • Heavy Use – 10 Years
    • A commercial garage with ongoing use of heavy machinery, chemical spills, and constant vehicle traffic

Are Epoxy Floors Scratch Resistant?

One of the biggest concerns for first-time epoxy floor owners is scratch resistance. That shiny top-coat surface makes one worry that it will scratch or dent with regular use but this isn’t a serious concern. Epoxy is slightly flexible, which is one of the reasons it makes a great concrete repair reflooring option. This also makes it impact-resistant and unlikely to take real damage from scratches. Combined with a durable top-coat, epoxy is extremely scratch-resistant so you don’t have to worry about dropping tools or the occasional dragging of equipment or bicycles across the floor.

How Much Weight Can an Epoxy Floor Hold?

Epoxy garage floors are not only impact-resistant, they are also great at supporting extreme weights. Epoxy has a flexural strength of more than 10,000 psi which means it can hold a lot of pressure. As a frame of reference, many fire stations use epoxy floors in their garages. So if it can hold up a firetruck or three, an epoxy garage floor can handle almost any weight you could possibly bring into a residential or commercial garage.

What Happens If I Drop a Tool on an Epoxy Floor?

Considering that epoxy garage floors are highly scratch-resistant and can hold up fire trucks, your dropped wrench or even a tipped-over tool rack is nothing to worry about. If you drop a heavy tool on your new epoxy floor, the only thing that happens is that it will bounce a little. Because epoxy is made of resin, it is highly impact-resistant, pressure, resistant, and just a little bit springy.

Just How Durable Are Epoxy Garage Floors?

So how durable are epoxy garage floors, you ask. An epoxy garage floor can last up to 30 years with active residential garage activity. It is scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and strong enough to hold up fire trucks without showing signs of wear. So we’d have to say that epoxy garage floors are pretty darn durable, but you be the judge.

Considering epoxy for your garage reflooring project? Contact us today to consult on the scope of your re-flooring, the needs of your home or business, and the color of your preference. Our team would be happy to give you the grand tour of epoxy garage features and options. And rest assured, it’s durable.

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