Are You Having Epoxy Floor Coating Problems?

Floors face a long list of challenges on a daily basis —– spilled foods and drinks, heavy loads, foot traffic, heavy impacts, cleaning requirements, and more. PolyTek Surface Coatings provide the solution floors need to meet safety standards in Minnesota facilities. Facilities need floors that can remain unaffected by frequent levels of foot traffic, grueling conditions, and heavy use while maintaining its durability.

No facility wants to see a decrease in work productivity while floor maintenance, repairs, or installation is taking place. When fast curing floor coating options are used, Minnesota facilities will not have to worry about significant downtime. Did you know that there are floor coating options that will allow your facility to resume regular options in a few days?

Improper Floor Coating Installations

Epoxy floor coatings can cure into a beautiful finish that will protect the surface. Unfortunately, when the floor coating has been improperly treated, the texture and appearance of the floor will be impacted. Epoxy can be a dicey material if you do not have a professional with experience applying it. In order to have a true epoxy, the flooring product will need to have an activator and a resin.

Since epoxy flooring is a product that consists of more than one part, it will require professional installation if you want to have the correct ratio. If someone with little to no experience attempts to use this type of product, the floors can be very imperfect. Installations can go wrong due to a variety of reasons, including harsh weather conditions, irregular installation, and regular wear and tear. 

Improper installations can lead to a variety of flooring problems, and these flooring problems will lead to the removal of the epoxy floors.

Removing Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings will allow your facility to maintain its appeal. When you have an appealing and professionally installed floor coating, it can promote a favorable morale for employees, customers, suppliers, and more. Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in the demand to remove epoxy floors that have failed. 

When we ask current customers and potential customers why their previous floor did not last as long as they hoped, we receive different answers each time. Some of the floors actually lasted a few years, some lasted months, and others lasted days. Yes, days. Customers placed blame on the product or the applicator process.

It does not matter why the epoxy floor coating did not last or why was the cause of it, the epoxy floor coating was no longer attached to the surface. An epoxy floor can peel for several reasons. Sometimes epoxy floors peel from the surface because of the surrounding conditions. Epoxy floors can also peel if the temperature is not correct(too low or too high) and if the humidity is high.

Surface Preparation

In order to have a successful epoxy floor installation, you will need to make sure the floors meet or exceed the required conditions. There are reasons why you will not have a successful floor coating:

  • The coating will not able to adhere to the floors because the floors are not free from debris, liquids, or oils
  • Your floors will peel if the surface is too smooth because the epoxy will not be able to attach to it

If the floors in your facility are dirty or if they are wet, the resin will not harden the right way. If you have never had your facility floors professionally installed, it is important to be aware of the precautions you will need to take before the installation takes place. If you want to avoid being an unhappy facility manager because your floors are starting to peel, we encourage you to seek a consultation from a professional.

If you are having any epoxy flooring problems, our team is here to help. It does not matter if you need to have your floors resurfaced or if you need other services, contact us today to learn more.

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