Are Epoxy Garage Floors Worth The Investment?

One of the most common questions that people ask when considering ways to improve their garage is whether an epoxy concrete floor coating is worth the investment. You may have seen a neighbor’s garage looking sleek and unusually clean, and they may have told you that epoxy is the secret to transforming their garage from an outdoor-area to sleek indoor-outdoor workspace.

But is it worth it? How much money will you save on garage maintenance by installing an epoxy floor coating? And how much more might your home sell for with an epoxy-reinforced garage floor? Today, we’re here to answer your questions on whether epoxy garage floors are really worth the investment.

No More Cracking Concrete Maintenance

Concrete maintenance is the single biggest cost associated with your garage. Most garages have floors of poured concrete which looks smooth at first, but concrete doesn’t last forever. Concrete is actually porous and made of a gravel medium that eventually breaks apart. Concrete swells, cracks, and then contracts pulling the cracked edges away from each other.

You can pour time and money into filling these cracks and trying to refinish or repaint your garage floor surface, but a far more practical answer is to apply a thick epoxy coating. Epoxy both provides a sealant and is more flexible than concrete, helping you to fill cracks, hide, and prevent cracks instead of worrying about them.

Your Garage Becomes Easier to Climate-Control

Concrete is fairly susceptible to the elements and during a cold winter, the cold seeps up through your garage’s concrete floor turning the whole area into a freezer. This is not just uncomfortable for the family, it’s bad for your car!

With an epoxy coat on your garage floor, your garage is far easier to climate-control. Because heat will not escape and cold can’t seep up as easily, any use of space heaters or even ACs in the summer will more effectively keep your garage at a comfortable temperature.

Stop Worrying About Insect Invasions Through Your Concrete Cracks

When the ants go marching into the house at the turn of the seasons, your job is to track them back to wherever they’re coming from and spray so the invasions stop. You can get every doorway and the home perimeter and yard. But sometimes, insects come straight up from the ground through the cracks in your garage floor. An epoxy coating seals those cracks and prevents new ones from forming so you can finally stop worrying about insect invasions sneaking in through the garage concrete floor.

Epoxy Floors Are Child-Safe and Easy to Clean

For some families, the garage is a place for the whole family. Maybe it’s where you keep your kid’s bikes and sports gear, maybe you host indoor-outdoor barbecues for the whole neighborhood out of your garage. Maybe you’re teaching family members the secret arts of automotive care. Some families even keep the dog kennels in the garage.

Epoxy floors make your garage even more welcoming to the family because the floors are easy to clean perfectly. Automotive chemicals and oils won’t soak in because of the smooth plasticky surface and when you run a mop over that epoxy, everything comes up. You could let your toddler play on an epoxy garage floor when you’d never be comfortable letting them sit on the dirty gravel and motor oil covered concrete.

A Clean Enviable Garage Appearance and Increased Home Value

Finally, the real question, will an epoxy garage floor increase your home sale value? To the right buyer, absolutely. An epoxy garage floor looks ten times better than an old cracked concrete floor without having to repour the concrete. No doubt, you’ve seen how great an epoxy floor looks in a clean well-organized garage. So when you finally stage that house for sale, your garage will suddenly become a major selling point instead of an afterthought.

To find out more about the right epoxy garage floor coating for your plans and vision of your new garage design, contact us today!

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