6 Interesting Ways to Protect Your Garage Floor From Winter Damage

In the coldest months, everyone wants to stay indoors, even your cars. However, we all have to work, go to school, and do all the necessary outdoor activities. To make life easier during the freezing temperatures, winter road mix is applied on the icy roads.

Over the years the mixture which tends to consist of salt and de-icers has made it easier to drive safely on the icy roads. However, did you know that cars track road salts and chemicals right back into our garage floors and eventually cause damage? That’s right. If your garage floor is unprotected, the concrete floor which tends to be very porous will soak up the salt solution, and the effect is a cracked floor. However, with the best garage floor coating, you will cruise through winter without worrying about costly repair jobs. 

Even in areas where road de-icers are not used, your car can bring snow into your garage floor. The water will freeze and cause the same damage. So how can I protect my garage floor from road salt or any other winter damage? Learn about all the available options in this post.

Use Polyurethane Based Coatings

This is the most durable coating for garage floors and is also environmentally friendly. What makes this resin-based coating great is that it cures faster and can be installed even during freezing temperatures. Polyurea or polyaspartic coatings, which are derivatives of polyurethane, will create a hard surface. The impermeable barrier then seals out all-natural floor enemies such as water. With a polyurethane coating, the floor surface will also be easy to maintain and resistant to abrasion. 

Apply an Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating is one of the ideal choices for winterizing your garage floor. It’s a tough sealer that will stand up to any de-icers or water, and it makes any floor surface easy to clean. Another advantage of epoxy garage coatings is the ease of maintenance. The trick is to apply epoxy when the temperatures are a bit high as it requires a warmer environment (above 50F) to cure properly. But there are various ways of raising the temperature for epoxy curing such as using a heating blanket and thermostat-controlled heat box. 

Roll Out Garage Floor Mats

One of the easiest ways to cover your garage floor is with a mat. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs, and you can get them in materials such as polyvinyl plastic and rubber. Garage floor mats are also way tougher than recreational mats. Containment mats are also water-resistant, which will protect your floor from any damage that can come from freeze-thaw and road salts. The best garage floor mats will also keep your concrete clean and prevent accidental falls. While they come in a variety of sizes, you can also get a custom made mat to fit your garage space. 

Put Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

These types of tiles are a popular option for garage flooring. Apart from enabling you to create a custom look that matches your style, they are also durable and easy to install. Interlocking floor tiles are also resistant to stains, acids, road salts, and various automotive fluids. For individuals who live in wet climates, these tiles are great as they are mildew and slip-resistant. 

Coat Garage floor With Paint

Applying paint is another inexpensive way to protect your garage floor from the harsh winter elements. Remember that concrete floor requires pigments that can blend with the properties of the floor surface. If you have concrete garage floors, avoid acrylic or oil-based paints as they tend to crack and peel quickly. Epoxy paint for garage floors is better than acrylic or oil-based as it bonds with the concrete better. However, paint does not stand up to the harsh winter weather as compared to other coatings. Hence, it is a temporary option.

Apply a Sealant

A great penetrating sealer works by creating a barrier on the garage floor surface. This will, in turn, keep out salt and water from reaching the concrete and causing damage.

Get More Optimal Results With Polytek Surface Coatings

Before trying out any garage floor coatings, contact us, and we will assist you in making an informed decision. Remember, we can install all garage floor coatings. Hence we can easily winterize your garage floor and ensure your surfaces last longer and look aesthetically pleasing.

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