5 Reasons Families Choose Epoxy Coating for Garage Floors

Epoxy floor coating is one of the most versatile and beneficial options for improving a raw concrete garage floor, especially for family homes. If you have a concrete floor in your garage, as many Minnesota homeowners do, epoxy coating is an ideal way to seal cracks, improve aesthetics, and make the garage a safer place to work and play.

Of course, every family that chooses to upgrade their garage floor from concrete to epoxy has their own unique reasons. Every family is different, but we have also heard many of the reasons for local families to make the switch. Among the many ideas for projects, renovations, and plans for future garage sales were the following top five reasons why families choose epoxy coating to transform their concrete garage floors.

1) For Children to Play Safely in the Garage

In the summer when the temperature is warm, the garage is a great place to be. Dad may be working on the car or in his garage workshop and the garage is often where outdoor toys are stored.  Younger children may prefer to play on the floor near parents while older children may bicycle, scooter, or bounce balls in and out of the garage all summer.

However, an old concrete floor is not the safest surface for children, especially little ones. Crumbling concrete, sharp cracts, paint flecks, and insects are only the beginning of your worries. Epoxy creates a smooth, moppable surface that-once clean- can be trusted to support a toddler without producing chips or gravel. Parents who want peace of mind often go with epoxy garage floor coating when they realize the concrete floor is not safe for young children. 

2) For Easier Cleanup of Shop Projects and Automotive Repairs

Speaking of work in the shop and on the cars, concrete floors are a good utilitarian surface but they also are porous and absorb spills. Any time motor oil, cleaning fluid, or other less savory chemicals are spilled, it is absorbed and will always smell a little like that chemical from then on. For workshop-loving homeowners who don’t want to worry about smelling every new spill when the weather warms up, or kids and pets touching contaminated concrete, epoxy is a fantastic solution. Epoxy seals in the old concrete along with everything it once absorbed to create a smooth plastic-like floor surface that is safe and easy to mop-up.

3) To Turn the Garage Into an Indoor-Outdoor Living Area

During the summer, the whole family may enjoy spending time in and out of the cool shade of the garage while enjoying the front yard and the neighborhood activity. Many families boot their oldest couch into the garage with, perhaps, an old fridge for sodas. The garage becomes the cool place for teens to hang out, the perfect refuge during a long day of summer play, and a great shady spot to base your annual yard sale from.

Epoxy flooring turns your garage from a sometimes-hangout into a halfway-to-renovated indoor-outdoor living area. Combined with insulation and a little air conditioning, your epoxy-floored garage really could become a more welcoming extension of the home.

4) To Permanently Repair a Cracked or Crumbling Concrete Floor

For many families, the sight of a cracked and crumbling old concrete floor is a real concern. Whether you are worried about children playing on the floor, pets eating the rubble, or simply tripping on a chunk of broken floor yourself, epoxy is the solution. After a quick and thorough cleaning of the concrete, the multi-layer epoxy floor coating fills in the cracks and seals in the crumbling surface, then tightens as it cures into a beautifully flat and shiny new floor. The concrete is still providing all its structural value, but you never have to worry about tripping on a crack or your child playing with shards of broken concrete again.

5) For a More Multi-Purpose Garage Design

Finally, an epoxy garage floor is simply more versatile than an old concrete slab. Epoxy could be the floor to an indoor room (and is often used as such) but it’s also sturdy enough to withstand supporting your car when it’s home. It makes for an easy to clean workshop, and pizza-party soda spills during the summer are equally easy to clean up.

An epoxy floor can safely house a toddler’s playpen, a dog’s kennel or garage dog run, and is far less likely to allow boxes stored in the garage to mold because unlike concrete, epoxy doesn’t wick moisture into the home from outdoors. All in all, epoxy is a more aesthetic, functional, and welcoming floor for a family garage than the original concrete slab.

If your family home has a cracked, crumbling, or mysteriously odorous concrete floor, there’s a surprisingly quick and easy solution. Contact us today to find out more about epoxy floor coating for your family garage floor.

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