4 Ways You Can Protect Your Minnesota Commercial Floor Coatings

Have you thought about different ways to protect your garage floor from dirt, debris, stains, and other elements? Adding epoxy flooring to the garage can provide the level of protection your concrete needs from all of those elements and more. However, it is important that your epoxy floor remains in great condition to avoid sustaining any damage to the concrete that is underneath. 

If you want to continue enjoying all of the advantages and benefits that epoxy flooring has to offer while saving money, we encourage you to follow the below tips so you can do your part in extending the lifespan of your epoxy flooring. 

Use The Appropriate Cleaning Products

The epoxy coatings on your garage floor are able to seal the permeable concrete, and this makes it easier for you to clean the floor. If you want to deep clean the floor, you can mop your floor with a solution of ammonia and water. Make sure the solution consists of hot water and four to five ounces of ammonia for every gallon. We recommend using hard foam maps to clean your epoxy flooring. We do not recommend using any cleaners that consist of soaps and acids because these cleaners can result in a loss of its shine. Although these types of cleaners may not cause any significant damage to your floors, you do not want your floors to become unappealing due to little to no shine. 

Do Not Forget To Sweep Your Floors

There are several simple things you can do to keep your epoxy floor coating clean throughout its lifespan and prevent any current and future damage. You may be surprised at how sweeping your floors regularly can help prevent any substances and other elements from building up on your floor that can cause significant damage. Sweeping your floor on a regular basis can also result in a cleaner and safer work environment. You can use an indoor broom or a dust mop to clean your floor. If you do not clean your floors regularly, you can run the risk of letting dirt and other debris accumulate and this can make it harder to clean the floor. 

Clean Spills and Treat Stains

If there are any spills and stains on your floor you should treat them immediately. While epoxy floors are known for their durability, they can be damaged by a variety of substances and elements, including water and grease. The damage may not happen quickly, but you should always clean any spills and stains as soon as you see them so you will not forget about them. Leaving spills and stains on your floor can result in the degradation of your epoxy floor. 

Use Extra Protection For Your Floors

Wielding mats or walk-off mats can be used to provide extra protection from dirt, water, ice, and other elements. You can place these mats in different areas of the garage, especially the entryways. You may want to place longer mats in the areas that express a higher amount of foot traffic. Mats will provide extra floor protection for your floors from any hard objects. You would be surprised at how much damage rocks and nails can do to your floors.

As mentioned above, epoxy floors are able to withstand some wear, but this does mean they are indestructible. This is why it is important to take the necessary measures to care for your floors so they will not become damaged. We want to help ensure your garage floors, residential floors, commercial floors, etc. will look great now and in the future. 

Contact us today for more information on how you can extend the lifespan of your epoxy flooring. 

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