Polyurea vs. Epoxy: Which Floor Coating is Better for Your Floor

Giving your garage’s concrete floor a new coating is increasingly one of the most popular ways to make a residential garage look like new and have a safer surface. It’s also a must-have for commercial garages, which have a lot more foot- and car traffic and might be a customer’s first look at your business…. Read more »

How to Take Care of Your Commercial Garage’s New Flooring

If you’re running a commercial garage, then you don’t have time to devote to specialized maintenance at the end of the day or before customers start to arrive in the morning. And once PolyTek Surface Coatings installs your new floor, you don’t need to do more than wipe up stains and routinely clean it with… Read more »

Four Ways a Polyurea Floor Coating Can Save You Money

Whether you’re a real estate investor or you own a business, having a property that looks great without constantly needing pricey maintenance can be invaluable when it comes to drawing in business and keeping expenses low. Here are a few ways choosing a polyurea, or polyaspartic, floor coating for your commercial building can save you… Read more »

4 Benefits of New Commercial Floor Coatings For Minnesota Business Owners

Part of being a business owner is crafting the right professional image and a brand identity for the business you operate and that includes your physical location. If the area in which you conduct business is shabby, rundown, or noticeably in need of some renovations, potential customers may be hesitant to do business with you…. Read more »

Picking the Best Garage Floor Coating For Your Minnesota Home

If you have a less-than-ideal garage floor, there is a great option to bring it new life. With a floor coating, you can make your garage floor more attractive, more durable, and more easily able to withstand the harsh Minnesota weather. Of course, deciding that a floor coating is the easy part. More importantly, you need… Read more »

Renovate Your Rental Properties with Residential Floor Coatings

Whenever you’re investing in a rental home, whether it’s a single family residence in a Minnesota suburb or you purchased a duplex or even bigger properties to rent out around St. Paul and Minneapolis, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to renovate it in such a way that turnover costs… Read more »

Our Floor Coating Installation Includes Concrete Reconstruction

Unprotected concrete floors can hold up under a lot of pressure. But even the strongest concrete can crack start to develop pits and spalling in freezing winters. Corners and edges are also subject to a lot of wear and tear and can start to crumble over time. Whether you have a commercial building with high… Read more »

The Three Layers of Our Floor Coating Installation Process

Garage floors need to be as strong as possible because they are constantly put under tons of pressure. You drive your car over it, which brings not only heavy mass concentrated over just the four contact points of the tires but also brings with it road salt and other chemicals that are put on winter… Read more »

Minnesota Commercial Floor Coatings: Do Not Believe The Myths And Misconceptions

As with any type of service that requires specialization, there are plenty of misconceptions and myths floating around about Minnesota commercial floor coatings. Many people are confused about a variety of things and products get mixed up, but mainly, people just believe what they have heard from others. When myths are constantly talked about, people… Read more »

How Commercial Floor Coatings Can Improve Your Minnesota Business

When you are running a commercial space, you absolutely need to make sure that it not only functions well, but also looks good in the eyes of your customers. Sometimes, appearances really do matter. When you are doing business, you want to be sure that your space looks clean and attractive. Fortunately, the right floor… Read more »