3 Signs It’s Time For a New Floor Coating Installation

So you know your residential or commercial floors have received coating installations in the past, but it’s starting to look like it has been a long time since they have been worked on, repaired, or resurfaced. Not only that, your floors are showing obvious signs of wear and tear which is totally normal, especially for… Read more »

Minnesota Floor Coatings

Need Minnesota Floor Coatings? Contact us today. If any of your floors have worn down, chipped, and even cracked cement, you may want to change it. But do you actually know all of your options, and which of them is the best? In almost all cases, the answer is easy: a professional floor coating. Whether… Read more »

The Importance of Fast and Effective Floor Coating Installation

Having your floor coated is a smart decision. Whether you own a business, a home, or even a large warehouse space, a floor coating is a great idea. In addition to bringing new new life, longevity, and durability to your floor, the process itself is also relatively fast and painless.  What Can I Expect? You’ve… Read more »

Don’t Wait For Your Minnesota Commercial Floor Coating

When you have a business, it’s very important to make savvy choices that will not only be cost effective but also benefit your business in other ways. Whether you own a machine shop, a kitchen, a hospital, or even a pet hotel, a floor coating on the concrete floor is a great idea. Coating your… Read more »

Three Questions to Keep in Mind When You’re Choosing New Flooring for Your Commercial Property

Preparing the fixtures and floorings of a commercial building are about what makes the most financial sense. When you’re a real estate investor, financial sense becomes a lot more multi-faceted: you can consider the immediate costs of renovating a building to get it ready for commercial tenants; you might focus on the long-term costs of… Read more »

4 Things to Know About Residential Floor Coatings

If you are unhappy with your stained and dirty concrete floor, there are options for you to consider. Residential floor coatings, for example, are fantastic. But before you go any further you should understand the products and processes that are used and why they work so well. 1. Not All Concrete Is The Same First of all,… Read more »

What Steps Should You Expect in a Professional Floor Coating Installation?

Home improvement stores offer DIY kits for installing garage floor coatings, but these fall a step below most professional jobs. Not only do they have to be composed of coating chemicals commercially available for consumers and so are potentially weaker than products available to professionals, they also don’t have all the equipment for a perfect… Read more »

5 Essential Projects for Getting Your Garage Ready for Winter

Winter can wreak havoc on homes, especially in Minnesota. Poorly insulated roofs lose heat and can run the risk of ice dam formation, moisture and cold air can find every leak in your window frames, and your family’s boots and car tires can bring in a corrosive array of road salts and chemicals.  Make sure… Read more »

Why Getting Rid of Your Floor’s Latent Layer is a Critical First Step in Adding Floor Coating

Concrete floors have layers. Whether it’s the slab of your home’s garage or the concrete under your carpet and tile, concrete floors are more than just a single layer of concrete. Many homes have a layer of insulation and damp-proof membrane below the concrete itself to separate the infill from the concrete and to prevent… Read more »