4 Reasons to Extend Your Garage’s Floor Coating to Your Driveway

Minnesota Concrete Floor Coatings A good way to renovate your garage is to add a protective floor coating to the concrete. It keeps a lot of damage at bay and makes your garage look polished. But once you roll open the garage door, you might be struck by the difference between your coated concrete and… Read more »

Floor Coating Installation Best Done By Professionals

So you’ve thought about having your floor coated. That’s a wise choice. A floor coating will not only completely rejuvenate the look of your floor, but with it will also enhance its overall functionality. At the same time, you may wonder whether this is a job you can do by yourself. Unfortunately, if you want… Read more »

Do You Hate Your Old Epoxy Floor Coating?

Minnesota Epoxy Floor Coating Installation Nobody ever fully knows their own house. Unless it’s been yours from the beginning, there are always going to be a few secrets to uncover. Maybe you’ll find the second hatch to your attic one day. The pipes don’t flow from the main supply line like you thought they would…. Read more »

5 Reasons to Coat Your Minnesota Concrete Garage Floor

Minnesota Garage Floor Coatings When your house was built, chances are a slab of concrete was poured for the garage floor and the structure was built on top. If you never spend any time in your garage except to move to and from your car, a concrete floor might seem like no big deal. But… Read more »

5 Reasons to Give Your Conference Room an Attractive Polyurea Floor

Minnesota Polyurea Flooring For Conference Rooms The next time you walk by your building’s conference room, like at the floor. Check the areas near the doors for faded colors and worn patches. Walk around the perimeter to see where it’s starting to get a bit wrinkled and pull away from the walls. Then step back… Read more »

5 Ways Concrete Floors Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Concrete floors are trendy ways to make your house stylish. But they don’t just add aesthetic appeal. Removing your old carpets and tile can also make your home’s air quality skyrocket. Here’s how: 1. Your floors will be breathable. Concrete floors have a bit of moisture in them. They wick up water from the soil underneath them,… Read more »

3 Ways New Polyurea Flooring Can Improve Your Workspace

Polyurea floors have a lot of benefits. They’re durable, low-maintenance, and last for years. They also look great. But there’s more to appearance than aesthetics, especially when it comes to your business. Here are three ways a polyurea floor coatings can optimize an open workspace. 1. Separate the work floor into sections without losing space… Read more »

Does the Garage Look Unfinished to Prospective Renters?

Garages are often one of the neglected rooms in a house, especially because they typically only used for storage. But finishing up and emptying the garage in advance of putting the house on the market can give you a great opportunity. Make the garage more of a selling point than either a room that everyone… Read more »

5 Benefits of Residential Floor Coating For Homeowners With Kids

Are the floors in your home looking a little worn, dated, or in need of minor repairs? If you want to enhance the interior design of your home while simultaneously improving safety and functionality, you may want to look into new floor coating options for your residential property; particularity if you have young children. And… Read more »