Safety in Surface Coatings

There is safety in surface coatings. In the case of commercial floor coatings, they can keep the surface from being too slippery while making it look great and they protect the flooring so it lasts for a long time. But while used on the floor, it is important that the chemical makeup of the floor… Read more »

Polyurethane Floor Coating or Epoxy?

You may be wondering exactly which floor coating to put in your garage or other area and it may be a tossup between polyurethane or epoxy floor coating. This can be confusing since both polyurethane and epoxy are great for protecting floors against damage, stains, oils, chemicals, and wear and tear. They are light reflective,… Read more »

New Innovations in Surface Coatings

There are always new developments in surface coatings and Polytek Surface Coatings is all about investigating the new types that are created. One interesting type of surface coating is one that was created at Cambridge University and it could be the future weapon against the roaches that may show up in your kitchen in the… Read more »

How Coating can Improve a Surface

There are a number of purposes behind residential and commercial surface coatings. If you have a raw surface that has no protection, it is going to wear down faster. It is going to look dull faster than it should. It may also be unable to deal with the abuses that it goes through. It is… Read more »

Andover Garage Floor Coatings

At Poly Tech Surface Coatings it is our goal to provide excellent service to match your needs when it comes to protective coatings as well as storage solutions for the home and work space. Whether you are looking at revamping your home and need an all in one storage and organizational system or are looking… Read more »

Apple Valley Garage Floor Coatings

At Poly Tech Surface Coatings we know how important your flooring is to your home or business which is why we make it our mission to ensure you are 100 percent happy with our products and services. Our work comes with a 15 year warranty against cracking, peeling, de-lamination, chipping and excessive wear on all… Read more »

Anoka Garage Floor Coatings

Poly Tech Surface Coatings is a locally owned and operated company that has helped countless homeowners and commercial business owners restore the look of their flooring. If you are ready for a change then come and speak to the experts in Anoka surface coatings. We provide a wide range of services to busy homeowners and… Read more »

St Paul Garage Floor Coatings

When it comes to your home or business you want a St Paul surface coating company you can trust. At Poly Tech Surface Coatings we pride ourselves in being experienced, affordable and reliable. We are a leading name in flooring surfacing and concreting in St Paul and can help you with all business and residential… Read more »

Minneapolis Garage Floor Coatings

If you notice that your flooring is cracked, spalled or pitted then it might be time for a surface coating. Poly Tech Surface Coatings specializes in making old concrete look like new again with our state of the art installation processing. Our services come with a 5 to 15 year warranty and we have helped… Read more »

Brooklyn Park Garage Floor Coatings

At Polytek Surface Coatings we specialize in both surface coatings for your garage as well as for your commercial property. You can find all you need, including experienced contractors, guaranteed material and affordable quotes right here with us. Our locally owned and operated team of Brooklyn Park surface coating contractors has what it takes to… Read more »