Minneapolis Companies Avoid Concrete Floor Replacement With Floor Coatings

For a factory or other commercial environment, having a smooth work floor is a must because it promotes safety and it also promotes affordability. Rather than opt for floor replacement or expensive floor repairs, companies in Minneapolis are opting for floor coatings that can give the floor an entirely new life. In one case, a… Read more »

Commercial & Industrial Concrete Polishing

Commercial and industrial environments require environments that are free from dust for their products. With a polished floor finish for wide open areas and industrial and commercial facilities, companies throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and central and southern Minnesota are able to benefit. The polished concrete Minneapolis businesses have integrated into their businesses is durable and… Read more »

U.S. Navy Called On to Maintain Protective Coating

The U.S. Navy is feeling pressure to come up with the money needed to maintain a protective coating that was applied to the Mountain View Hangar One’s steel skeleton. The Depression Era-structure, which is rather large, was stripped of its PCB-laced siding, the coating is supposed to seal in the toxins that are still there… Read more »

Polyurea Coatings are Becoming More Popular in Minnesota

It’s all in the technology and it is that technology and the latest developments that are leading to the popularity of polyurea surface coatings in Minnesota. Polyurea coating technology is a rather recent development on the polyurethane coatings industry. Polyurethane chemistry is around six decades old, but elastrometric urethane coatings have been available since the… Read more »

Polymers Finding a Place in Drinking Water Applications

While different polymers are used throughout Minneapolis industrial floor coatings in garages, factories, plants, warehouses, and other environments, there are some places in the world where they are used in pipework systems. The reason why this was even explored was because corroded and calcified steel and copper pipes that are used for drinking water, sprinkler… Read more »

2012-2016 Global Epoxy Resins Market: Improved Formulations to Hit Market

Just like any product on the market, companies are always working for ways to improve them. Research and markets announced the launching of the Global Epoxy Resins Market 2012-2016 report to their offering of reports regarding certain industries and products. The analysts forecast that the Global Epoxy Resins market is expected to grow at 7.36… Read more »

The Use of Polyurea-Based Coatings on the Rise

The use of polyurea-based coating materials for the protection of substrate and corrosion prevention has taken a major rise in the marketplace in the past decade or so. When it is installed properly, the coatings provide a number of performance characteristics. Most importantly, the coatings are compliant with volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations. This compliance… Read more »

The Task of Installing Epoxy Coating on a Garage Floor

There are many guides and articles on the Internet that tell you how to install an epoxy coating on a garage floor, but what many in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota have found is that there are some steps that are not mentioned in those guides and articles. There is one very critical step that is… Read more »

Surface Coatings Could Help Medical Implant Function

While medical devices are a far cry from garage or warehouse floors, some interesting news come about this month regarding the possibility of surface coatings, the same substances used as floor coatings, being used to help the function of medical implants. Throughout the years, many ideas for medical implants have been introduced. Of those include… Read more »

Summer 2013 Time for Parking Lot Repairs in Minneapolis

It is now summertime and that means it is time for parking lot resurfacing and repairs. Over the winter months, a lot of cracks and holes developed in parking lots around the Minneapolis area and throughout Minnesota. This means that those cracks and holes need to be filled and the parking lots resurfaced. With the… Read more »