The Task of Installing Epoxy Coating on a Garage Floor

There are many guides and articles on the Internet that tell you how to install an epoxy coating on a garage floor, but what many in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota have found is that there are some steps that are not mentioned in those guides and articles. There is one very critical step that is… Read more »

Surface Coatings Could Help Medical Implant Function

While medical devices are a far cry from garage or warehouse floors, some interesting news come about this month regarding the possibility of surface coatings, the same substances used as floor coatings, being used to help the function of medical implants. Throughout the years, many ideas for medical implants have been introduced. Of those include… Read more »

Summer 2013 Time for Parking Lot Repairs in Minneapolis

It is now summertime and that means it is time for parking lot resurfacing and repairs. Over the winter months, a lot of cracks and holes developed in parking lots around the Minneapolis area and throughout Minnesota. This means that those cracks and holes need to be filled and the parking lots resurfaced. With the… Read more »

Minnesotans are Discovering Safer Floor Coating Options

Concrete is not cheap, which is why Minnesotans are now discovering the different types of residential surface coatings that are available to them. They are choosing them for their driveways and their garages. There are reasons for this. First, coal tar driveway coating has been banned in Minnesota. Even if it had not been banned,… Read more »

Minnesota Bans Coal Tar Driveway Sealants

Minnesota is one state that has banned the use of coal tar driveway sealants due to accusations that these substances raise cancer rates, leads to infertility, and inhibits childhood development. The manufacturers are denying these claims as they fight an uphill battle that could be in place for the long-term. As of now, there has… Read more »

Safety in Surface Coatings

There is safety in surface coatings. In the case of commercial floor coatings, they can keep the surface from being too slippery while making it look great and they protect the flooring so it lasts for a long time. But while used on the floor, it is important that the chemical makeup of the floor… Read more »

Polyurethane Floor Coating or Epoxy?

You may be wondering exactly which floor coating to put in your garage or other area and it may be a tossup between polyurethane or epoxy floor coating. This can be confusing since both polyurethane and epoxy are great for protecting floors against damage, stains, oils, chemicals, and wear and tear. They are light reflective,… Read more »

New Innovations in Surface Coatings

There are always new developments in surface coatings and Polytek Surface Coatings is all about investigating the new types that are created. One interesting type of surface coating is one that was created at Cambridge University and it could be the future weapon against the roaches that may show up in your kitchen in the… Read more »

How Coating can Improve a Surface

There are a number of purposes behind residential and commercial surface coatings. If you have a raw surface that has no protection, it is going to wear down faster. It is going to look dull faster than it should. It may also be unable to deal with the abuses that it goes through. It is… Read more »

Andover Garage Floor Coatings

At Poly Tech Surface Coatings it is our goal to provide excellent service to match your needs when it comes to protective coatings as well as storage solutions for the home and work space. Whether you are looking at revamping your home and need an all in one storage and organizational system or are looking… Read more »